Arte & Fala Research Center

With the approach of  9º Congresso Europeu da CPLOL, Arte e Fala presents its research team:


Catarina Olim


Material Development:

Diana Launça

Inês Moniz

Joana Pina

Mariana Laranjeira

Marta Nunes

Rita Santos


Artistic and Professional Voice:

Ana Reis de Carvalho

Catarina Olim

Diogo Pinto


“It is at a congress that we meet colleagues and people interested in our professional areas, both nationally and internationally, we know that investigations are being conducted and what results have been found. It is evidence-based practice. There are countless opportunities , from meeting the author of a particular book, discussing results with the authors of a test, discovering a new career area, information about existing employability, experimenting with new technologies, discussing themes and creating synergies. place of ideas, whether in terms of research, training, material or even what we do not think is a possibility yet. communication like classes and scientific publication. A word widely spoken today is networking; creating a network of contacts is extremely useful. have a large list of contacts, but essentially be remembered by those who have a project in hand. More than meeting people is being recognized by the right people. Emotions for the experiences lived in such a short space of time, for the reunion of names and faces, for the moments of leisure, for the memories that insist on staying. Experiences that bring together teachers and students at the same table are the driving force for increasing students’ self-esteem and security, far beyond scientific updating. Links are established and a first contact with a world that exists outside the academic environment; it would not be bold to say that this may be the first contact with the labor market. Between conferences, panels, themes, round tables, debates, workshops and presentations of works to the community, each one shares their points of view. In addition to the participation of those who come to share knowledge, the congress exists from and for people. And it only makes sense if you have someone to address. “

Catarina Olim – Communicative Magazine nº7