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Our training programs are aimed at those who need communication for professional practice, or who want to optimize these skills at a personal level.

We also have a vast offer aimed at those interested in the areas of Psychology and Education, through practical courses involving the design, exploration and use of materials, or technical courses directed to different techniques of evaluation, support or intervention.

Arte e Fala intends to be a training center of excellence. All professionals have updated and adequate training for the development of the activities they propose.

Professional Communication Training

In a market that is increasingly demanding, competitive and full of competent professionals and demanding customers, the differentiation may be in the clarity with which the ideas are transmitted, associated with credibility and professionalism. The aim is to improve communicative skills with a view to more effective communication, both within the company and in its communications to the outside.

Professional Voice Training

The human voice is a communicative vehicle of excellence. When used professionally it is intentional, it is associated with aesthetic standards, it must convey credibility and have sufficient resistance to the functions it performs.
The singer’s voice must be carefully evaluated, taking into account the adopted vocal style. The vocal coach’s work is aimed at the singer’s vocal guidance and hygiene, due to the high incidence of voice problems in the singer and actor

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