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A Speech and Language Therapy is the health area responsible for the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and scientific study of human communication and related problems, including all processes associated with the comprehension and production of oral and written language, as well as forms of non-verbal communication. It also includes the prevention, evaluation and treatment of swallowing. This specialty is aimed at individuals of all ages, from neonatology to geriatrics.

There are several areas in Speech and Language Therapy that we highlight:

Professional Communication

In a market that is increasingly demanding, competitive and full of competent professionals and demanding customers, the differentiation may be in the clarity with which ideas are transmitted, associated with credibility and professionalism. The aim is to improve communicative skills with a view to more effective communication, both within the company and in its communications to the outside. Speech Therapy has currently played an important role in the communication of leaders, politicians, managers, singers, actors, teachers, educators, telemarketing operators, and other highly demanding positions in terms of communication.

Professional Voice

The human voice is a communicative vehicle of excellence. When used professionally, it is intentional, associated with aesthetic standards, it must convey credibility and have sufficient resistance to the functions it performs.


The natural evolution of the population and the trend towards its aging leads to an increase in the number of individuals with disabling diseases. There is also a healthy aging, with gradual functional changes that allow adaptation to a new pace and maintaining quality of life. In this sense, the Speech Therapist can intervene in elderly people with or without pathology, aiming at their adaptation, adaptation, rehabilitation or maintenance of language and swallowing skills.

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