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The Importance of Screening in Speech and Language Therapy
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Publishing Date: May 17, 2020

Recent research reports the existence of a high number of children with developmental problems, however a large percentage of these children are only identified after entering school.

Currently, there is a proliferation of studies showing that children with communication disorders have difficulties in the field of learning to read and write, with a negative impact on their school performance, in the short and long term, knowing today that these changes not only impair performance at school as they imply repercussions on an emotional, personal and social level.

The early identification of these changes leads to a timely intervention, enhancing the maximum development of the child’s abilities, increasing his participation in the different contexts in which he moves.

Screening in Speech and Language Therapy allows early detection and action in cases that require intervention, avoiding difficulties in school performance and in the child’s psycho-affective development.

Thereafter, the therapeutic intervention has an even more favorable prognosis when it is started earlier.