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CPLOL European Congress
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Publishing Date: May 17, 2020

The 9th CPLOL European Congress, brings together researchers, academics and professionals in the field of Speech Therapy, among other specialties, and was held in Florence, Italy, between 8 and 9 May 2015.

The CPLOL (Standing Committee of Liaison of Speech Therapists of the European Union) based in Paris, France, represents 33 European professional organizations with about 80,000 professionals from 30 European countries, who every year try to develop methods and solutions based on scientific evidence for promote quality in your interventions.

The Arte & Fala Research Center team was represented with the following investigations:

Vocal Techniques and Dysphasia Maneuvres – Lança, Diana

Voice in Charismatic Leadership – Olim, Catarina

Voice in Contact Center Operators – Olim, Catarina

Help Me Sing! Instrument for the Improvement of the Singer – Pinto, Diogo