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Who are we?


Arte & Fala – a company that provides care in the field of Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Professional Communication – was founded in Oeiras en 2004 and now offers services in 8 locations around the country: Almada, Alvalade, Carcavelos, Cascais, Oeiras, S. João do Estoril, Sassoeiros and Telheiras.

The company was founded by Catarina Olim, Speech and Language Therapist and Communication Consultant for Executives and Voice professionals, a recognized professional in the national and international market thanks to her commitment towards improving the effectiveness of Speech and Language Therapy services. Arte e Fala is committed and passionate about putting its expertise to the service of its clients.

Having 14 years of success behind them, the staff of Arte e Fala has maintained a high work ethic and has been consistently available for their clients.


What do we do?


Communication for Executives: defining needs on a case by case basis, we work together with our clients to develop clear and concrete action plans. Our focus is on preparing individuals to be better communicators.

Speech and Language Therapy: we are concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems relating to human communication. All processes associated with the comprehension and production of oral and written language, as well as non-verbal communication forms, are encompassed here.


How we do it?


We develop our work with responsibility and commitment to each client. We also strive to positively contribute to the larger community of which we are apart. We work with passion. We believe that we can make a difference through our work and dedication. We strive to ensure that each client achieves the results he wants. We care about building relationships with our clients. We have a determined and permanent sense of social responsibility, and so we adopt only the best market practices; we maintain a high respect for the code of conduct; and we hold social responsibility events in order to contribute to the great community.

Our responsibility is first and foremost to the customer, and so we always seek excellence in treatment and consulting. We believe we are accountable to the community in which we live and work, and thus we encourage civic participation and better health and education.


Some of our key customers